About us

Quiénes somos SOFEJEA
The Ejea de los Caballeros Promotion Company (Sociedad de Fomento del Ayuntamiento de Ejea de los Caballeros, SOFEJEA) was founded in 1997 to promote economic development within the municipality. It was constituted as a company to have flexible and dynamic management, but it is run and controlled by the Ejea de Los Caballeros Town Council, due to the public nature of the company’s capital and objectives.

SOFEJEA is a local agency promoting economic development within the municipality.

The bodies governing SOFEJEA are: the General Meeting, comprising all Ejea town councillors and chaired by the Mayor; and the Board of Directors, consisting of 5 members (2 councillors and 3 representatives from the local social and business community). Executive action is entrusted to the CEO and managing director.



The founding objectives of SOFEJEA are as follows:

  • The development, management and implementation of actions to facilitate the installation and development of public and private business activities in the town of Ejea de los Caballeros.
  • The management, administration, promotion and development of the town’s industrial heritage.
  • Consultancy and general studies on feasibility projects, action programmes and financial studies of any kind, aimed at the installation and development of all types of business activities in the municipality.
  • The management and coordination of aid, grants and financial support for business initiatives of any kind taking place in the town.
  • The promotion, planning, organisation, management and coordination of events, conferences, trade shows or any other form of commercial, industrial, recreational or cultural dissemination and development.