What we do

What we do
Since it began, the SOFEJEA method of working has been based on strategic planning. Each year, the Board of Directors issues performance reports and approves a plan of action based upon them.

SOFEJEA develops promotional activities and plans in strategic markets to attract new business projects to Ejea and surrounding villages, and encourages local initiatives.

SOFEJEA co-ordinates much of the municipal and economic development and promotion policies in Ejea de los Caballeros and surrounding villages. For this to be effective, it coordinates the public efforts from all the human and technical resources of the various private agencies and partnerships to establish channels of communication between them. For a long time now, it has been establishing a wide network of partnerships and cooperation with other authorities, institutions and organisations. As a result, a number of initiatives have emerged, such as the Ejea Entrepreneur Network (Emprender en Red en Ejea), the Local Employment Training Platform (la Mesa Local de la Formación para el Empleo), the Ejea Tourism Forum (el Foro del Turismo de Ejea), the Local Economic Observatory (el Observatorio Económico Local) and various partnerships. Promoting platforms for encounters is a vocation of SOFEJEA.

SOFEJEA can be identified by the support it gives entrepreneurs in implementing their business ideas.

Areas of activity:

  • Industrial promotion
  • Economic development
  • Support for the entrepreneur
  • Employment training
  • Rural development
  • Exhibitions and events
  • Tourism

Contractor profile

The Ejea de los Caballeros Promotion Company is a local development agency constituted as a company, with capital from the Ejea de Caballeros Town Council. As such, it is defined as part of the “public sector” in Article 3.1 of the Law 30/2007, 30 October, Public Sector Contracts, and therefore the provisions of that legislation apply to it.

In compliance with the legal mandates stipulated by Law 30/2007, this space and the documents relating to it were created.