Company start-ups in Ejea

Entrepreneur support
Supporting entrepreneurs and innovation is key to the future growth of the area. SOFEJEA is an agency offering information, advice and support for new projects. It provides technical support for entrepreneurs in defining their business, developing their business plan and feasibility analysis, as well as in the creation and implementation of the project; which is completed with follow-up work in the consolidation phase. For more information, refer to the following:

Ejea Entrepreneur Network

The Ejea Entrepreneur Network emerged from the conviction of SOFEJEA since its inception of the need to build alliances and partnerships with other organisations supporting entrepreneurs.

A combined and comprehensive advice service, this is a coordinated support network for entrepreneurs. It is available to all parties involved in the development of Ejea and surrounding villages, and is a good method for optimising public and private resources. It is a way to foment contact between local institutions and development agencies, with the objective of supporting the entrepreneur.

The following organisations are part of the Ejea Entrepreneur Network
INAEM, Cinco Villas Business Association, Cinco Villas Association of Business, Industry and Service Provider Leaders, Adefo Cinco Villas, CEZ, Zaragoza Chamber of Commerce, Municipal Centre for Training and Employment, UGT, CC.OO., UPA, UAGA, Executive Office of the Government of Aragon, Regional Office for Agriculture and the Environment, University of Zaragoza, Confederation of Small and Medium-Sized Businesses in Aragón, Civitur, CEMMI, OMIJ and SOFEJEA.

The Ejea Entrepreneur Network makes the dreams of entrepreneurs come true, by promoting thought and action for today and tomorrow.

Business Plan

The business plan is an essential tool for those who decide to start a business or a company. It presents the idea in a tangible form and establishes a roadmap to monitor any deviations, as well as serving as an introduction for others.

SOFEJEA advises on the steps necessary to start up a business and develop a business plan, as well as advising on the subsidies, grants, training opportunities and financing alternatives available.

Its complexity varies according to the scope of the project, but there are some key points that must always be considered. The process starts with reflection and self-evaluation, before defining the business and placing it into the reality around us, as well as observing the advantages that differentiate it from the competition. Certain stages to measure results must be defined and short and long term goals set, together with the establishment of criteria to help measure progress.

Starting a company

Starting a company
SOFEJEA provides basic information on starting up a project, such as the legal form to be taken by the company, the legal procedures required by the authorities and existing contracting arrangements to provide personnel.

It also provides information on alternative forms of financing, subsidies and public grants.

The Ejea de los Caballeros Town Council, through SOFEJEA, helps new companies in its Municipal Company Start-Up Scheme.

Municipal Company Start-Up Scheme

Municipal Company Start-Up Scheme
If you have a new business project in Ejea de los Caballeros and are looking for an environment to help it grow, the Municipal Company Start-Up Scheme has 8 business premises, each with 200m² working area and 75m² of offices, in the Aula Dei Science and Technology Park, in the Valdeferrín West Industrial Estate.

A new environment, equipped with modern infrastructure and services to support start-up companies.

This provides a platform for companies to grow and mature, with subsidised rents, continuous advice and access to programmes and grants. Located in one of the best industrial estates in Aragon, next to its Business Centre, near the Aula Dei Foundation Technical Office, in the Cinco Villas Agricultural Technology Centre, with high technology and R&D companies nearby.

Business contest

There are activities, programmes and plans to encourage self-employment and entrepreneurship, as well as to promote innovation and locate potential resources in the municipality.

The Ejea de los Caballeros Town Council runs an annual “Start your own business” contest. There are 2 categories: The first is aimed at projects by new entrepreneurs, whose main objective is the creation of micro-enterprises located in Ejea or surrounding villages. These are notable for their originality, business novelty and economic viability.

The projects especially encouraged are those launched by young people, women or the physically or mentally disabled; those with a significant R & D emphasis; or those located in the villages of Ejea; and those promoting quality.

The other competition category is aimed at students who have a business idea.

SOFEJEA coordinates the entire competition and prepares the participants’ technical reports. A panel representing local political groups, the Cinco Villas Business Association and the Cinco Villas Association of Commerce, Industry and Service Providers decides the winning projects.