Support for companies

Support for companies
Besides promoting entrepreneurial culture and supporting new individual or collective self-employment projects, everything SOFEJEA does is designed to promote entrepreneurship and encourage the emergence of local, already founded companies, via actions to improve competitiveness and innovation.

The action plan includes programmes, services and initiatives in economic development and business development; research and analysis diagnosing existing problems and anomalies, and identifying strengths and resources that can be transformed into sources of economic activity and employment.

SOFEJEA provides flexible and efficient services to make the day-to-day life of local entrepreneurs easier.

Another area of the Ejea Municipal Promotion company is promoting industrial land and strengthening the local business fabric, by making companies more competitive, driving new technologies and introducing more sustainable and efficient management models.


Entrepreneurial innovation

SOFEJEA promotes efficient business management and innovation, with the objectives of making the activities and sectors more globally competitive and reducing the innovation gap in certain sectors of the local economy.

Ejea de los Caballeros has infrastructure and land available to support the development and establishment of innovative companies.

The Science and Technology Park, the Aula Dei Foundation Technical Office and the Cinco Villas Agricultural Technology Centre provide facilities and infrastructure to support innovative business activity and create opportunities in R&D-related programmes.