Helping investors

Helping investors
SOFEJEA works closely with companies wishing to set up in the municipality or expand their business. For example, it provides the information needed for the final design of the project, as well as advising on administrative procedures and site location.


  • Information about Ejea de los Caballeros and its surrounding villages: eg, economic and social profile, industrial networks, labour market, infrastructure and communications, education and culture.
  • Industrial documentation.


  • Legal issues for establishing companies: eg, procedures for starting up a company, types of companies, recruitment procedures and taxation.
  • Applicable incentives and grants for an investment project.

SOFEJEA performs the necessary steps for companies with an investment project to become established and consolidated within the municipality..

Management and Support

  • Location of potential sites, industrial land available.
  • Support in dealing with technical, administrative and financial procedures.
  • Organisation of institutional and business contacts.
  • Assistance in the technical development of the project: eg, procedures for granting licences and permits and environmental legislation.
  • Location and selection of supplies, raw materials, identification of suppliers, etc.