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Cristina Marcellán – Señorío Cinco Villas Winemakers

Cristina Marcellán – Señorío Cinco Villas Winemakers
The winemakers Señorío Cinco Villas are located in Valde Lobos, Biota. This area formerly had a lot of vineyards, but now few remain.

Permeable soil with limestone, a rugged climate with little rain and large fluctuations between day and night give the grapes an exceptional quality. Its vineyard is located about 450m above sea level.

The process: Señorío Cinco Villas Winemakers make organic wine from grapes of exceptional quality, thanks to meticulous work with the vine and concentrating on quality rather than quantity.

The optimum conditions of the climate and soil in its 10 acres of vineyards are conducive to growing grapes according to organic winemaking requirements.

The high quality of the wines is a faithful reflection of the features transferred by the terrain to varieties such as merlot, cabernet sauvignon, syrah and Grenache, which are carefully assembled and aged in barrels of the finest oaks, leading to wines of a unique character.

Harvesting is performed manually, as passed down by parents and grandparents. All farm work is manual, and each of the varieties is treated with great personal care to maximise quality. The whole process takes place under organic farming methods.

The winery is equipped with the latest technology for making wine: eg, there is a drawing room with temperature controlled stainless steel tanks, a room for maturing the wine in barrels, a bottling room, a storage room, its own laboratory and a tasting room.

The quality of life is better in Ejea, because everything you need is within easy reach.

THE WINE SHOP includes a “multi-space” area dedicated to the world of wine and select gastronomy. THE WINE SHOP offers Señorio Cinco Villas wines or the opportunity to purchase “delicatessen” products, or to taste them at their facilities: an authentically restored mansion, decorated in an original fashion.

In addition, there is a large selection of wines from different designations of origin, and the best “gourmet” sweet and savoury foodstuffs can be found in the WINE SHOP. There are hand-crafted items from carefully selected raw materials of the highest quality. It provides all the traditional pleasures of life, exquisitely and authentically presented.

The tasting room holds various training initiatives about oenology and gastronomy, which are fun and informative. There are tasting courses, gastronomy days, workshops, product presentations … as well as professional events, business lunches and dinners, corporate gifts, incentives: all in a singular setting, unique in Aragon.


Jesús Mena – Magapor

Jesús Mena – Magapor
Since its inception, the common denominator for the company has been Research and Development in new products and systems to meet the needs of a sector where technological progress is made in leaps and bounds.

The Agrifood Technology Park offers spaces for research with the best conditions and business opportunities.

MAGAPOR was founded 20 years ago in Ejea de los Caballeros, Zaragoza. The founders’ commitment was sorely tested due to the very high barriers needed to be overcome:

    • The technology was scarcely known and implemented in the sector, and was still in the development phase.
    • Highly innovative techniques, little tested in the field.
    • Little or no training for potential customers, etc.

To counteract this situation, the company opted for R&D training for its customers, which produced excellent results.

For this organisation, R&D means improving, not settling for the easy option, going further, insecurity, acquiring knowledge and overcoming barriers. The team of professionals and technicians in the company are involved on a daily basis in this endeavour.

Until 1993, the company’s business efforts were focused in Aragon and Navarre before the rest of Spain. However, from 1993 the company began to go international.

In 1995, MAGAPOR Portugal was formed, MAGAPOR Hungary in 1996, MAGAPOR Mexico in 1997, then MAGAPOR Italy in 2000.

The entrepreneurial spirit of the company has led them to achieve important national goals, such as belonging to the select club of Spanish companies selling in China and exporting products to 26 countries worldwide. This same spirit extends throughout the whole organisation, which is young, dynamic and nonconformist.

Concerns about opening new markets led to them taking great care with customer service. For MAGAPOR, the best way to do this was to maintain a strong logistic structure adapted to their needs: the quality and commitment in making more than 3,000 deliveries annually, strong commitments with national suppliers and quality agreements with international suppliers, stock management in their storage areas: traditional, at controlled humidity and low temperatures, is the formula that allows them to provide maximum satisfaction.

Their quite different products and services have involved developing logistics systems for their individual features and customer specifications: demand production, production-to-stock, perishable products manufacture and storage under specific atmospheric conditions, transportation for the analysis of live organic material, validation, etc.


Alfonso Tajada – Agromet Ejea

Alfonso Tajada - Agromet Ejea
AGROMET EJEA was founded in 1993. It grew in its early years and has since consolidated in times of crisis.

Ejea is a town with an attractive business climate and a well-trained, flexible and dynamic workforce.

In the beginning, it was dedicated to repairing machinery, while performing ancillary work for local manufacturers. It then quickly became involved in manufacturing, initially just locally, before gradually expanding its horizons.

Its specialisation has always been soil preparation machinery: chisel ploughs, disc harrows and other equipment. It has continually evolved as new products have been demanded by the market, and currently caters for the larger working surface areas with minimum labour.

Its business strategy has always been quality first, and its machinery is currently considered to be the best, as well as logically the most expensive.

As a result, it has developed its own patents for product innovation which are used in their machines or products related to them. In many cases, their machines have become the national benchmark for manufacturers within that sector.

Their business strategy is gradual growth, firstly in neighbouring communities before expanding to make their products available in the national market, as currently happens.

The business strategy is well defined, with exclusive dealers in each agricultural area within the country, with full respect for their market, leading them to become genuine brand advocates.